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1. Valley of the Cape Fear Council No. 24 is a constituent council and masonic fellowship of brethren dedicated to the goals and principals of the Grand Council of Allied Masonic Degrees, USA and its goal of understanding and preserving the many detached degrees of which it is comprised and holds jurisdiction over.

2. Inasmuch as the Grand Council at its Annual Meetings requires the highest standards of conduct and decorum during its proceedings and degree conferrals, this Council requires the commitment of its members to those same standards of disposition and conduct in its work and affairs of the Council.

3. Therefore, we all agree to hold our By-Laws and the Constitution of the Grand Council in strict observance.

4. We require all members to respect the fraternity in general, and this Council in particular both in their dress and deportment. Appropriate attire for our meetings is and shall be dark suit and tie or at the members option the green AMD jacket and Grand Council approved tie(s) and pocket square. Approved and earned jewels and honors may be worn during all meetings except when participating in a degree requiring specific jewels and accoutrements.

5. No cell phone use is permitted during a meeting. If a member requires some type of alert(s) in their official capacity, they must be silent.
6. It is the goal of the Council to have every member experience the presentation of all our degrees. It is, and will be the duty and responsibility of the Sovereign Master and his elected officers to make every effort to schedule at least one degree per masonic year and more when circumstances permit. Keeping in mind our stated standards, no degree will be conducted without adequate and appropriate practice.

7. In keeping with time honored traditions and practices, the Council will, when practicable, observe a Festive Board immediately following the Annual Communication.

8. This Statement of Practices and Conduct is intended as a guiding document and its implementation in its current form approved by the members present in Council at this Annual Communication on this 17th day of November 2022 as reflected in the minutes and register. It shall be kept as a permanent record with the Council By-Laws.


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